Monday, August 27, 2007

Johnny Law may be on our side...

Friday, August 24th...long, productive night. No Landon or Chuck tonight, but we did have the always helpful Rich F. We abandoned our attempts to get into Forest Hills cemetery. Too much last-minute legal hogwash. That is to say, I completely understand the need for copious amounts of legal hogwash in today's trigger-happy-lawsuit culture. I just don't want to have anything to do with it. All in all, a great learning experience. Rebekah did a great job of getting us in contact with the folks over there, and now we know the need for location insurance for these independent features (apparently my Delta Dental contract was insufficient...)
So this evening marked our triumphant return to gorilla film making (and a boom microphone thanks to Rich). We used some camera trickery to get a few establishing shots of exterior and pseudo-interior cemetery scenes, then we went in for close and medium shots of the actors for the dialogue. We may have to play with the light a bit in post, but at this point the footage looks pretty good. Film making is truly a string of blatant lies told to an audience of countless strangers...tonight was no exception.

With the gorilla model of film making comes the inevitable crossing-of-paths with the local cops. I've found that, as long as you're keeping a fairly low-profile and not doing anything loud, stupid, and/or brazenly illegal, the cops are pretty open to short shoots in public places. Their only question was if we were "those guys a few weeks back running around with the fake guns". Gripping the handle of my barely concealed snub-nosed .38 Special starter-pistol, I smiled and replied "Don't you need a permit for that sort of thing?". They bid us a fond farewell. Nice guys.

After that, the final 3 scenes were shot in a location just happened upon (thanks again to our location manager Rebekah). Great existing light...with that blueish tint that has been the prevalent color of the film. A bit anti-climactic, as we have one more day of re-shoots. This was Brian's final scene, tho. I'm positive he'll be happy with the results, as I am ecstatic.

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