Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Front Lawn' promo

Here's a 30-second promo for our recently completed short film 'Front Lawn' (currently being considered in the festival circuit).

A young couple move into their first home. Before they can settle in, a creature resembling a humanoid astronaut appears on their front lawn. Rather than alert the authorities or confront the strange traveller, they decide to watch and wait for it to make the first move...and wait...and wait...


Lisa Perry - The Wife

Brian White - The Husband

Peter Foti - The Visitor


Mike McQuilkin - Writer, Director

Landon Wong - Assistant Director/Sound

Daniel Shea - Director of Photography

Peter Foti - Art Director/Lighting

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here's the 1st 5 minutes of 'Close, Personal Friend', our new feature-length film (currently in post-production).

"Close, Personal Friend is the story of a post-grad named FRANK living his life weekend to weekend at his friends' loosely-themed parties. When a strange visitor starts making preposterous declarations and becomes the center of attention, Frank is forced to question his priorities, his allegiances, and his opinion of time-travelling Astro-pirates."

I'd like to say that I normally I wouldn't post a non-color-corrected, unmastered clip...but, after reviewing this blog, I'm afraid that I cannot make such a hyperbolic statement in good conscience...

The truth is I'm just so happy with the performances that I had to share. I'll post more as I edit more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Close, Personal Friend' Slideshow #1

Here we go...

Here's a short video slideshow of the production (so far) of the feature film 'Close, Personal Friend'. Months of planning, 8-10 days of shooting. We're due to wrap in mid-August, and everyone has done an amazing job. More on the production later.

NOTE: It's in WINDOWS MEDIA FORMAT. (If you haven't heard of WINDOWS, it's a little mom & pop out of California. Those kids do all right...don't let anyone tell you different).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BYSTANDER - 15-minute preview more foolin' around....

Here's the first 15 minutes (or so) of the 2009 Burning Snowman feature 'BYSTANDER'.


Barney and Harv, two co-workers who've never spoken, embark on a strange midnight journey through a sleepy New England town on the trail of a man one of them may or may not have killed. Along the way they encounter an assortment of strange, late-night wayfarers that shed new light on the state of reality...and if they're all really alive.

note: For a hi-rez video (130mb), click here