Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Close, Personal Friend' Slideshow #1

Here we go...

Here's a short video slideshow of the production (so far) of the feature film 'Close, Personal Friend'. Months of planning, 8-10 days of shooting. We're due to wrap in mid-August, and everyone has done an amazing job. More on the production later.

NOTE: It's in WINDOWS MEDIA FORMAT. (If you haven't heard of WINDOWS, it's a little mom & pop out of California. Those kids do all right...don't let anyone tell you different).


Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Wow, looks GREAT.

37 Avon has never been lit, or shot, so well, and the last image makes me extremely excited to witness FUTURE SUMMIT.

Kudos to thee and thine!!!!

Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Oh, and can you post it slightly bigger? I want to be able to bathe in my moustache. Thanks.