Monday, October 8, 2007

Godspeed, Principal Photography

Saturday, September 29th marked the end of principal photography for us.
It involved a re-shoot of the student scene in the "cemetary". Because the footage that we needed only involved the 3 students, we were able to live without the two leads Brian and Stephen. Brian was present for support and boom operation, which may lead some to believe that he may be a credit-hog. I would not count myself among those so callow. He earned his spot in thunderdome.

Needless to say, it went off without so mutch as anything resembling a hitch and we wrapped relatively early (ie. < 1am). Rich manned the camera and got some pretty interesting shots of the moon through the trees and the campfire. It was a quiet end to an efficient shoot, and in it's wake were Rebekah and I planning an official wrap party to commemorate all the hard (free) work everyone contributed. I think we settled on assembling a rough cut first and then getting the cast and crew together for a viewing, which means sometime in November. It also means that future posts will probably be a little less perfunctory...

much more later...

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