Monday, October 8, 2007

Editing Begins

October 10th...Editing begins.
We started capturing the footage this evening. 13 MiniDV tapes. Roughly 12 hours of footage. Each tape takes about 30-45 minutes to capture.
I honestly have no idea how long the finished piece will be. In my head it's roughly 40 minutes. A little too long to be a short-film. I've heard a few different designations here and there for something this long, but the one that sticks out is 'Featurette'. Featurette! A bite-size feature? Isn't that just adorable? Almost offensively so!

I spoke with Rich about his movie in progress. His is full-length and he's looking at 30+ tapes so far. Wow. I feel a little daunted loking at my measly 13 strong stack of dv's. Clearly I'd be lost in the tempest of ones and zeroes were it not for our whip-smart Script Supervisor Landon. He took notes during the filming, noting the characteristics of each take with pithy details so that, at this point in the filmmaking process, we wouldn't be asking "Which take did we really, really like?" or "At what point during this scene did that safe fall onto the set?"

We still have a long way to go, but at least, with these notes, the path is a little clearer.

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