Thursday, October 25, 2007

Capturing = Done-ified

Well, the capturing phase is complete. I actually had only 11 tapes (rather than the previous estimate of 13...a statement which, as of now, can only be interpreted as a blatent lie). It took about 10.5 hours, so about an hour a tape (with an average 40 minutes of footage on each tape). I've included a helpful comparison photo above, the stack of tapes next to a can of my new favorite super-drink, JOLT blue-raspberry. Althought blue is pictured, I'd get the GREEN can if you are able, as that's the only no-carb/sugar-free variety.
The capturing phase is good for people like me (i.e. "crappy memory-havers") that need to get re-acquainted with all the material at every phase of production. If it gets done in one or two marathon capture sessions, I am able to wrap my head around all the footage and stay lucid and focused on the flow of the piece. This part is also a great unearthing of blooper material (welcome surprise) and technical oversights (surprise, sucker).

I will post the list of screwups after I'm done striking this gong with my head...

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