Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to the official Burning Snowman production diary! Now with DIGITAL ADDITIVES!

Hello and welcome to our happy fun-fun blog. We loved the word "Blog" so much, we made one! Fantastic!

You may not know this, but you are ALREADY READING IT.

We'll update (semi)frequently with news from the set, production stills, embarrassing rants, and other anecdotal brain dumps from the wild and wonderful world of independent film making. Feel free to leave comments. We love feedback (even from bitter, world-weary teenage know who you are...)
You may have to register with BLOGGER.COM to post, but they seem like good folks. Certainly they exhibit a degree of patience that remains, at least to this author, unfathomable (have you seen how many BLOGS there are out there?)

Above all, thank you dropping by. We hope to establish and maintain a healthy and vigorous reciprocal entertainment feedback loop that leaves everyone involved with a clean, refreshing, inexplicably satisfied sensation.

Tell your friends.

Your friend,

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