Monday, August 27, 2007

Brother can you spare a (Shotgun Microphone)?

Wednesday, August 22nd
Big scene...our last with Daniel, whose character we still (somewhat misleadingly) refer to as the 'Zombi'. Sound issues bogged us down a bit, as the camera mic proved to have too large of a signal response (I believe that's the term. In any event, way to much ambient sound pickup). The alternative was to setup the wireless lav mics. We had 2 available that worked fairly well, but we'll have to clean up the unevenness in post.
This was a fairly emotional scene for Brian...the most transformative his character experiences in the whole piece. We had originally planned on several other scenes, but we rescheduled those for Friday. I believe it's always better to never rush a scene to get to the next. As much planning and organizing that goes into making these films, when you're there on the set and everyone is ready, the scene you're doing is the only one that matters. As obvious as this may seem, it gets harder to maintain that axiom as the end of the shoot grows nearer. I'm sure no one gets excited about re-shoots.

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